Developed Projects

20 MW GECO biofuel plant in Kaunas

GECO biofuel plant in Kaunas is the first independent plant in the city generating heat for residents from renewable energy resources.

The plant was built in Dainava district of Kaunas, Taikos avenue. The heat generated by the plant is supplied to the city heat networks.

The capacity of the plant reaches 20 MW, it operates two water heating boilers run on biofuel of 8 MW in nominal capacity, and one condensing economiser of 4 MW in capacity.

LTL 20 mln of private and borrowed funds of GECO Energy Company was invested into the project. The project was developed from scratch, being a green-field investment project. No assistance from the European Union funds was requested for the construction of the boiler house as the project was implemented completely using the capital accumulated and attracted by the developer.

The equipment of the boiler house is adjusted to use two types of biofuel – of supreme quality and fuel with higher impurity content, and has a wide regulation range. Also the boiler house operates an innovative piece of technology – a compensating economiser of 4 MW in a capacity specifically efficient in utilising the heat from the emitted smoke, which is, at the same time, purified.

The boiler house was designed and constructed, and the necessary equipment was manufactured by Lithuanian companies: the engineering systems of the boiler house were designed by the energy system designing company Energetikos Linijos, the biofuel boilers and other equipment was produced by the company Enerstena, and the external facades were designed by a team of architects headed by the architect Algirdas Kaušpėdas.

The construction of boiler house was completed in September 2012. It started operation in October 2012 and is currently generating heat for residents of the Kaunas region.

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